The web and mobile software for flex office and telework.

Give to your employees visibility on the presence of their colleagues so they can come to the office at the best time and reserve the space that suits them best. Help them connect by team, project, or simply by affinity.

Allow them to book any kind of resource: meeting room, parking spot, shared vehicule. The only limit is what you can offer to your employees !

BeeMyFlex offers managers flexible office management and control tools that allow them to define rules for remote work, access dashboards to measure attendance rates and office occupancy rates, and anticipate needs.

A significant gain for the second largest expense of companies.

Available in your every day tools with our IOS or Android mobile application or our fully integrated solution in Microsoft Teams.

Your flex office and remote work solution

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Simplify your organization

Complete visibility into the organization and presence modes of your employees

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Supervise teleworking

You can personalize teleworking rules based on profiles and teams.

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Optimize your workspaces

Save money on your rental space and reduce your energy costs.

An flex office application for all size organizations from startups to large groups

BeeMyFlex your flex office tool integrated to your ecosystem, including Microsoft Teams

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A mobile App available on all your phones

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